Thursday, 19 February 2009


Kaiserschmarren (Trentino-Alto Adige)

This pancaky omelette/omeletty pancake is originally an austrian recipe, but it is very popular also in the alpine region of Italy. You can make a savoury version with cheese, chives, asparagus etc., but for a first try I definitely recommend this sweet version!! Lovely for brunch or afternoon tea, but it also offers great opportunity for us sweet toothes to enjoy a full sweet dinner!!


Ingredients to feed 4 hungry people

100g(3,5oz) sultana/raisins
6tbsp of rum (optional)
8 eggs, separated
8tbsp sugar
vanilla essence
2 pinches of salt
100g (3,5oz) flour
200ml (7 oz) milk
125g (4+oz, or 1 stick?) butter
100g almond slivers
powdered sugar
your choice of fruit comport or jam

Rinse the sultanas(raisins) with cold water, drain well and soak in the rum (or water).
Whip the eggwhite, gradually adding 4 tbsp of sugar, until firm.
Beat together the yolk, 4tbsp of sugar, salt and a drop or two of vanilla.
Add to the yolk mixture the flour, then milk, and the sultanas, mix well.
Finally, gently fold in the whipped eggwhite.

Melt half of the butter in a large skillet. (preferably cast iron)
When the skillet and the butter is well heated, pour in the mixture.
When the bottom side becomes golden brown, roughly cut up the mixture, using a spatula or large fork, to something like bite sizes or slightly bigger.
Add another half of butter and almonds, toss around and cook until they are nicely golden brown all round.
Generously coat with powdered sugar before serving, serve with your favourite fruit comport or jam, enjoy them while piping hot!!

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