Friday, 29 May 2009

Mimosa of the Ocean

This is another example of our invention on the whim turning out as a big success, when we had the following ingredients on hand. It also looks extremely lovely esthetically (the coconut-lemon-saffran condiment does look like mimosa, where we invented the name from!), another dish which could easily win over the usual anti-fish bunch!! :-)

4 fillets of haddock, ocean perch or cod (any ocean fish with firm white flesh)
salt & pepper
flour enough to coat the fish
1 egg + milk for dipping the fillets
bread crumbs
olive oil
flesh of 1 coconut
1 large lemon
50g butter
1 sacket of saffran

Slice the fillets into bite sizes or strips, season with salt and pepper.
Dust the fish evenly with the flour
Beat the egg with about 1/4 cup of milk to make a coating for the fillets.
pour sufficient amount of bread crumbs into a large plate.
Dip each pieces into the egg mixture, then coat them with bread crumbs.
Fry the fillet pieces in sufficient amount of hot oil, until they are golden.
Place the fish on an absorbent paper and keep warm.
In a mixer/food processor shred the coconut into fine flakes.
Grate the lemon zest.
In a separate plate lightly sautè the coconut flakes and lemon zest in butter.
Before turning off the heat, add the saffran and mix well to distribute the colouring.
Distribute the coconut mixture over the fish fillet strips.
Squeeze the lemon juice over and serve hot.

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