Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Risotto agli asparagi & formaggi (asparagus & cheese)

This is a deliciously seasonal springish risotto, loaded with fresh asparagus. If you enjoy the famous combination of broccoli and cheese, this will be a surefire hit, one of my favourite way to showcase one of my favourite vegetables (and only enjoyed for too short a period!)!!

For 2 people
-1 cup of carnaroli rice (if you can't find it arborio is fine, but carnaroli is the ideal type for making

-One onion, finely chopped
-300-400g of fresh green asparagus
-60g (or more if needed) butter
-100ml white wine
-500-700ml of hot good quality broth, not too salty
-80g maasdamer (or edam, fontina, gouda, ementhal or similar type of cheese), diced
-60g gorgonzola in chunks

Prepare the asparagus. Wash them, then break off the tough part. You can bend each asparagus
carefully and find the spot where breaks off easily, somewhere between halfway to 2/3 of the length from the tip. After this procedure, you can check the bottom stems, there maybe some parts usable by shaving off the tough outer skin with a fine knife.
Cut the asparagus into bite size pieces.

In a large skillet sautè the onion with butter over medium heat. Add the rice and continue to cook, stirring thoroughly, until rice becomes semi-transparent.
Add the wine, raise the heat level and bring to boil.
When the wine is almost absorbed, start adding the broth one ladleful at a time, adding another
ladleful when the previous batch of broth is well absorbed (but the rice should still remain wet),
stirring constantly.
Keep the broth hot by keeping it in a saucepan on a low heat, or microwaving from time to time.
Repeat the procesure until the rice are cooked "al dente" (firm, not crunchy not mushy)... it should take about somewhere between 20-25minutes more or less.

In the meanwhile, sautè the asparagus lightly (for a few minutes) in a separate skillet. Asparagus should remain bright green and pleasantly crispy.
When the rice is almost done, add the cheeses and sautèed asparagus, mix them well to blend in the cheese until they are melted and mixed in evenly.
Serve them immediately piping hot.


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmh I want to try it (and I probably will!)

  2. you must!! It is such a pity the season for fresh asparaguses is so short, otherwise I would love to make it all year around! Recently I also melted some robiola into it in stead of gorgonzola, it came out lovely, a milder, creamier version!