Wednesday, 11 November 2009



Hummus is a delicious dip/spread made with garbanzo beans/chick pea, popular throughout in the Mediterranean-Middle Eastern region. The name "Hummus" is transliterated from the arabic word for garbanzo, thus the spelling can vary widely, and it can be written also hamos, hummos, hommus, houmous etc. A very versatile snack, tapa, antipasto, enjoy Hummus with toasted pita breads (alternatively crusty toasted bread or crackers), or accompaniment to falafel, grilled or raw vegetables.

300g dried garbanzo(chickpea)*
80g tahini (middle eastern sesame paste)**
1 lemon
3 garlic cloves, smashed
1/2 tsp cumin
Extra Virgine Olive Oil
pinch of cayenne pepper

Soak the garbanzo beans overnight (12-15 hours) in water with 1 tbsp of baking soda mixed in.
At the end of soaking rinse the garbanzo several times, then boil for 1,5 hour, or 45minutes in a pressure cooker.
Drain and transfer into a food processor/mixer. Add the rest of ingredients, with first about 1/4 cup of Olive Oil, pulse a few times, check the consistency and the flavour and adjust the amount of oil, add it gradually to make a smooth, creamy texture, as well as the salt and spice to your taste.
Garnish with chopped flat parsley or fresh coriander leaves if desired.

*It IS a bit of pain preparing the dried garbanzo while you can just pop open a tinned chick peas, but the difference in flavour is so significant it is highly recommended to use the traditional method with the dried beans!! Garbanzo beans are so versatile, you can prepare multiple doses in one go and make a few different items as well!

**as an emergency solution when you can't find Tahini, you can mix in some good intense quality sesame oil with the Olive oil, about 2-3 table spoons. Not exactly the same thing and significantly lighter in taste, but quite similar essence can be attained.


  1. Kak, I never knew how hummus tastes like, as I've never tried it before, but I assume it taste like beans? Even though I'm a big fan of middle-eastern cuisine (lebanese,yemenese), but I didn't take the opportunity to try out hummus. But seeing this post of yours (it looks so so yummy!), I've decided I'll try it out next time! :D

    -Erin Dani-

  2. yes Erin (hmm, it still feels a little strange to call you Erin!), this is soooo yummy!! I am not a particular fan of beans or chickpeas (I do eat them ok, but they are usually not something which inspire me a whole lot you know what I mean?), but chickpeas can make such delicious transformations in certain recipes, like hummus and also falafel. Once chickpeas are prepared it is so easy to make, you should definitely try it!!

  3. I love hummus. I recently found dried garbanzos for 50 cents a pound and bought 4 pounds.

  4. wow what a great buy Beth!! Time for a Hummus-Falafel party yeah!!