Thursday, 30 April 2009

Licia's Sushi Salad

I got this idea from the italian style rice salad and "chirashi" type sushi. It is somewhat "safer" (requires less technique) than the classic rolls which takes some practice to make them into a "state of art" and otherwise it can easily get pretty messy. It is a bit unconventional too as I prefer using apple vinegars as opposed to the traditional rice vinegar, it gives a milder, lighter taste. It's a fresh idea for summer evenings with guests :-)

270g rice for sushi (the sticky type, medium grain)
30ml (or as needed) apple vinegar*
20g (2tbsp) sugar*
(start with this amount, taste as you mix the rice and adjust the flavour as you prefer)

200g tuna in brine, smoked salmon sliced into strips, crab flakes, or prawns, or any of combinations.
3 eggs
1 large carrots, shredded
1 avocado
2 teaspoons of white sesame seeds
3 eggs
several sheets of yakinori (toasted seaweeds), julienned with scissors thinly.

-prepare the rice. Rinse the rice under running cold water, changing the water about 5 times, until the water runs clear.

-boil the rice in about twice the volume of water, covered. Let it boil on a high heat for a couple of minutes, then turn down the heat to the lowest and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Cut the heat, and let it sit for 5-10 minutes with the cover intact.

-Transfer the rice into a large bowl, sprinkle over the apple vinegar, sugar and salt while mixing vigorously.
-Cool the rice completely. Ideally the rice needs to be cooled quickly, to help the procedure, use a stainless bowl which absorbs the heat well, then immerse the bowl in an iced water. Fan the surface stirring often.

-Prepare the eggs. Making a very thin egg sheets to be shredded thinly takes a bit of practice, I employ a crepe like method, using a heated griddle and pour the beaten egg on, about the amount of 1 egg each, then quickly spread the egg with the T-bar for crepes. If you manage to spread it thin enough there will be no need to flip it, as soon as the surface dries up scoop it up carefully with a spatula. Then shred them as thinly as possible. Set it aside.

-Dry roast the sesame seeds on a stainless steel frying pan, taking care not to burn them.
-Toss the rice with the fish/seafood, carrots, diced avocado, and sesame seeds. Season with mayonnaise as desired. (I use a big hearty spoonful.)

-sprinkle the shredded egg and yakinori and serve. (or serve the eggs and yakinori on a separate bowl, and let the diners help themselves as they like)


  1. licia io sono ignorantona di inglese, si potrebbe avere la ricetta in italiano????
    Se non è troppo...
    Grazie, un bacio Giulia Giuliettina UC)e fuse allo chef Oliver!!!

  2. Kak, you're sooo creative and very talented! The way this dish is presented is also beautiful and artsy! You know kak, I love sushi but only certain types,like unagi, california rolls, ebikko and also the salmon skin rolls. To complete the sushi meal, I usually have a plate of japanese green beans (not sure what's the real name)...I just can't resist the crispy sheets of seaweed that they wrap the sushi with...and for the past two years there's a sushi parlour near our place, so I eat sushi quite often :D Yum2!

    Way to go kak! :D

    -Arien Dani-