Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Ocean Perch fillet Orange Blossom

We invented this when we wanted to try a new flavour apart from the usual tartar sauce, and we had a lot of extra oranges on hand. Choreographically it looks great, and its rich yet fresh, mild and fruity flavour can be a great way to convert someone who usually don't care for fish!!

4 hearty Ocean Perch fillets (150-200g each), or of any firm white fleshed fish fillets, like flounder, sole, catfish etc.
50g flour or more as needed
100g butter
3 oranges
60-70ml of milk
fistful of chopped flat leaved parsley (optional)

peel the orange part of the orange, as thinly as possible (less white pulp the better)
in a mixer/food processor grind the orange peal finely to make fresh orange zest.
squeeze out the juices. (take care to remove the seeds)
On a large plate coat the fillet with flour evnely.
Melt the butter in a large skillet.
Fry the fillets in the heated butter, until the surface is golden and crunchy, salt to taste .
Carefully scoop the fillt out with a slotted spatula, drain the excess grease, and keep warm.
Add the squeezed orange juice,the zest and milk into the same skillet.
Lower the heat and continue to cook to attain a thicker consistency.
Arrange the orange sauce over the fillets, sprinkle the parsley over and serve hot.


  1. Can you even eat this fish, kak? It looks too pretty to eat! I love the way you presented this kak, with the slice of's colors and presentation makes one really salivate and wanting to dig in :D Bravo!!!

    -Arien Dani-

  2. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone but actually I doctored the photo slapping on the orange slice and parsley with photoshop lol!! I thought it would really jazz up the picture but the fish itself is all original!! It is definitely one of my favourite fish recipes!! :-D

  3. Lololololol! How could you kak, hihi...but I have to admit that your photoshop skills are really good! I didn't notice at all, the picture with the orange n parsley looked totally real! :D I love fish too, especially the filleted fish..but over here, if u want fish fillet, then you have to go to restaurants that serve western food.

    -Arien Dani-